Monday, September 26, 2011


I went to the beach the other day and I got some great picture's!


Here is a pink beach flower.

Very pretty.

This flower was on the side with the beach grass.

This is a big log on the oposite end of the beach.

 The end of the log. 

Me on the log. :)

Here is a section of water that's in the middle of beach grass.

A sign to keep of the grass.

An other patch of water.

Another log on a little beach on the other side. 

Rocks in the water.

The beach!

I love water!

Mr seagull....

Hi there.

There he goes!

Another beach flower.....

Very nice.


                                                                   My little bro :3

Sunday, September 11, 2011

30 Day Challenge (day 2) 10 random pictures of 10 random things!

Day 2:  10 random pictures of 10 random things!

                                            This is the button pannle in the car.
                                           The zipper on my sister's sweater.
                                           A doll I got for my b-day.
                                           A flower I made with an ice scate made of wood.

                                            A star above a window in my room.

                                            The lamp from the top view.

                                            My piggy bank and other stuff from the view of my top bunk.

                                            My teddy bear Cinnamon and my hippo webkinz Isabelle

                                            Cinnamon flying in the air! :3

                                            MY TOES!!!!!

And that is the end of day 2!  More in day 3!  30 DAY CHALLENGE!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

30 Day challenge (day 1) 15 facts about MEEEE!

OK I am doing the 30 day challenge at Monica's blog

15 facts.....OK here we go!!

1. I am awesome

2. I like to eat mayo plain


4. When you see me I will blank out and just say hi (at first)

5. I am awful at spelling

6. I like to say Really Random things like COFFEE

7. I like to play with my stuffed animals!

8. I don't like POP TARTS :x BLAH

9. I like to sleep

10. Flute is fun

11. I should have more FOLLOWER'S!! Because I'm cool.

12. I need to read books

13. I like to do school (sometimes)

14. I LOVE Gymnastics

15. I eat cheese (*gasp* that was very shocking I had no idea...)

And there you have it 15 AWESOME FACTS ABOUT................(drum roll).............ME!

And Just so you know I'm not really that self centered...(just when I get the chance I like to feel good about it.. :3)

HAHAHAHAAA  good night :) :3 Zzzzzzz

Friday, September 9, 2011


I went to gymnastics today....It was ok.

So anyway I'm about to watch a movie with my sister.......She is being really slow......

Lalalalalalaaaaaaaa I'm really board!!!!!!! So I'm going to sing a song...


I hope you liked it :3

7th post WHOO

LATER MATER (hahahahahaaa)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


WOW! This week end was so FUN! So first my family and my friends went to Santa's Village.......
My sister and my 3 friends split from the big group and we spent the day going around the park together. We came back to our families for lunch and then we spilt up again. We got a snow globe with us going down the log flume! WEEE! That was super fun! Then we got some fudge. Yum! :3 later we went over to the other side of the park to go on the rollercoaster and swim in the water park. Our parents weren’t there. So we got some fried dough and onion rings and sat down to wait for them. Earlier we got a refillable cup. It was empty so I went to get a refill and then..... BOOM rain started to come down (there was thunder before and all the rides had been shut down so we could not do anything but sit and wait). My sister and my friends were sitting on a table with no umbrella so they moved over to the table next to them. I ran back to them and we all were squeezed under a tiny table with an n umbrella. People were running all over the place. Then my friends brothers ran by and boy were the wet! They were going over to the rollercoaster, we told them it was closed. They said they were going to head for the bumper cars. So we all when together in the pouring rain to go to the bumper cars. Then the rain got lighter and lighter. The boys ran ahead but we got stuck at a train crossing. Then I found my dad. We went over to the merry-go-round. I had to bring my little brother on the ride. He was so cute! There was lighting and thunder. Then our friend’s mom and dad came over and then the rain stopped. We all then headed over to the water park witch open again and soon all the rides were open again too! The rain was gone!!!! Well the rest of the day was fantastic! Later that night more rain came and the power went out at our friend’s house! Anyway that was my FANTASTIC weekend!

I hope to post some pictures soon....

5th post

95 more to go

LATER!    :3   :)   :}

Friday, September 2, 2011



Not really JK, it might though. In NH it might rain. :( But I never trust the weather man. Last year it was going to rain but the weather man WAS WRONG!! but I'm going to be ready anyway.

I just had chips... with cheese... the cheese was solid (American cheese).... IT WAS REALLY GOOD!!! you should try it sometime. :) I like italian dressing on my steak too! (try it)......

My family and I are leaving for our friends house tomorrow morning AT LIKE 7:00!!! WOO!(they live like 4 hours away)

So I think I'm getting new shoes later. :3

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Nails!

Hey all,
yesterday my sister painted my nails and toe nails they are super awesome! I will try to describe them, our camera has been broken so I can show you a picture. my nails are painted white and blue with the opposite color stripes. so if I put my thumbs together: left: blue with white stripes, right: white with blue stripes and the pattern goes along my fingers. My toenails are the same but the oposite colors: left: white with blue stripes and the right: blue with white stripes! I hope you get the picture.

anyway I am now going for a flute lesson and then coming home to pack for NH. thats how my day will be.
I will not be posting pics for a while because of our camera.... :{ poop :[ well I hope you all have a wonderful day!

P.S If you could pass my blog on or grab my blog button (when I get it ready) that would be AWESOME!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


well here it is my second post and todays topic is toast.

I do gymnastics as you know and on beam we have a time limit. in level 3 my freind and I always said a shade of toast accroding to the time, under time: untoasted, just on time: golden, overtime: BURNT.

hahahaha good times.

well that was the post topic no for some news.

this weekend I will be in NH with my family
we are visiting are BEST FRIENDS EVER
we will be going to santas villige :) (:


Oops I burnt my toast really!!!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wormy IS the ONE!!!


Now that I have your eyes I am a girl (DUH) and I LOVE to do lotsov stuff like........... oh BOOKS! I like to read books ya and ummm.......... GYMNASTICS! I do gymnastics... BEING CRAZY!! WHOOO! And I play flute, I play piano, the sax is on the wanna list too, I do a little theater here and there, I can NOT write but the awsome ideas are there, I LOVE to draw (I will be posting some new art later), and I like pizza and BACON!

so here I have a list of the top 2 books I like to read.

One piece (manga)
Fruits Basket (manga)

they are both grafic novels :)

well anyway.......................................................................


P.S I am going to have a count up till my 100th post!!!