Saturday, September 10, 2011

30 Day challenge (day 1) 15 facts about MEEEE!

OK I am doing the 30 day challenge at Monica's blog

15 facts.....OK here we go!!

1. I am awesome

2. I like to eat mayo plain


4. When you see me I will blank out and just say hi (at first)

5. I am awful at spelling

6. I like to say Really Random things like COFFEE

7. I like to play with my stuffed animals!

8. I don't like POP TARTS :x BLAH

9. I like to sleep

10. Flute is fun

11. I should have more FOLLOWER'S!! Because I'm cool.

12. I need to read books

13. I like to do school (sometimes)

14. I LOVE Gymnastics

15. I eat cheese (*gasp* that was very shocking I had no idea...)

And there you have it 15 AWESOME FACTS ABOUT................(drum roll).............ME!

And Just so you know I'm not really that self centered...(just when I get the chance I like to feel good about it.. :3)

HAHAHAHAAA  good night :) :3 Zzzzzzz

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