Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Nails!

Hey all,
yesterday my sister painted my nails and toe nails they are super awesome! I will try to describe them, our camera has been broken so I can show you a picture. my nails are painted white and blue with the opposite color stripes. so if I put my thumbs together: left: blue with white stripes, right: white with blue stripes and the pattern goes along my fingers. My toenails are the same but the oposite colors: left: white with blue stripes and the right: blue with white stripes! I hope you get the picture.

anyway I am now going for a flute lesson and then coming home to pack for NH. thats how my day will be.
I will not be posting pics for a while because of our camera.... :{ poop :[ well I hope you all have a wonderful day!

P.S If you could pass my blog on or grab my blog button (when I get it ready) that would be AWESOME!!

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