Tuesday, September 6, 2011


WOW! This week end was so FUN! So first my family and my friends went to Santa's Village.......
My sister and my 3 friends split from the big group and we spent the day going around the park together. We came back to our families for lunch and then we spilt up again. We got a snow globe with us going down the log flume! WEEE! That was super fun! Then we got some fudge. Yum! :3 later we went over to the other side of the park to go on the rollercoaster and swim in the water park. Our parents weren’t there. So we got some fried dough and onion rings and sat down to wait for them. Earlier we got a refillable cup. It was empty so I went to get a refill and then..... BOOM rain started to come down (there was thunder before and all the rides had been shut down so we could not do anything but sit and wait). My sister and my friends were sitting on a table with no umbrella so they moved over to the table next to them. I ran back to them and we all were squeezed under a tiny table with an n umbrella. People were running all over the place. Then my friends brothers ran by and boy were the wet! They were going over to the rollercoaster, we told them it was closed. They said they were going to head for the bumper cars. So we all when together in the pouring rain to go to the bumper cars. Then the rain got lighter and lighter. The boys ran ahead but we got stuck at a train crossing. Then I found my dad. We went over to the merry-go-round. I had to bring my little brother on the ride. He was so cute! There was lighting and thunder. Then our friend’s mom and dad came over and then the rain stopped. We all then headed over to the water park witch open again and soon all the rides were open again too! The rain was gone!!!! Well the rest of the day was fantastic! Later that night more rain came and the power went out at our friend’s house! Anyway that was my FANTASTIC weekend!

I hope to post some pictures soon....

5th post

95 more to go

LATER!    :3   :)   :}

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